Torrija of bull and black truffle Tuber Melanosporum

By: David Arauz

The Michelin star chef of the 2020 guide David Arauz cooks a dish made for hedonists, where the power of the flavors is a sum to settle in the memory forever.

Black truffle Tuber Melanosporum is added to the dish as required.



  • 1 piece of brioche bread . Cut 3,5cm
  • 100 ml of whole milk flavored with katsuoboshi.
  • 2 und eggs.
  • 200ml clarified butter
  • 200gr of chutoro in paste (without fibers).
  • 1 wedge of Parmesan cheese 12 months for gratin.
  • Truffle menalosporun as needed.


  • Moisten the brioche bread in the flavored milk, soak it well on both sides, and transfer it to a wire rack to drain well. Beat the eggs and pass the brioche bread soaked in milk through the eggs and then fry in clarified butter.
  • It must be well browned on both sides. Once fried, drain on a wire rack.
  • We reserve


  • We take the torrija to gratin but before we grate the parmesan and gratinamos in the salamander, has to furndir not, once melted, on the torrija we spread the torrija and we leave it as uniform as possible next we scratch with microplaine the tufa, we cut in 4 and we present it in its plate.

"The truffle is a diamond that turns your dishes into exquisite
your dishes into jewels of exquisite value".

Javier Acedo, producer and marketer of truffles.


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