Tips when buying truffles

10 tips when buying truffles

As with any other product, the success of our recipe depends on the knowledge we have of the product.

At Trufas Alonso we are aware that the truffle, in many occasions, is a great unknown, that is why we recommend you to follow these small tips when buying or using truffles.

1. How much truffle to buy?

Buy the right amount of truffle and use it without skimping, better to eat a dish with a good amount of truffle than several with a small amount, because you will not be able to taste or enjoy it.

Truffle weights

Each truffle has a weight indicated per dish and diner, we indicate it when you buy it, but if you have any doubts, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

3. How to preserve truffles?

The truffle should always be kept in the refrigerator, between 3 and 5 degrees, in a plastic container or glass jar wrapped in cellulose paper (kitchen paper) and changed for clean, new and dry ones every 2 days.

4. Preserve in rice?

They can also be preserved in rice, but rice is a powerful drying agent that will absorb all the aroma and humidity of your truffle.

5. Duration of the fresh truffle

A fresh truffle lasts about 15 days, but as we always say: "don't think about how long it lasts, think about having the slightest opportunity to eat it and enjoy it!

6. Can I freeze the truffle?

Do not freeze the truffle, eat it fresh, you will enjoy it more. If you do so, remember to freeze it clean and washed and if possible vacuum-packed, so you will keep its aroma better.

7. Cooking time

Do not overcook the truffle, it loses aroma and flavor if you cook it above 80 degrees and keep it at that temperature for a long time.

8. The taste of truffle

Do not compare the taste of truffles, each species has its own, just enjoy all of them in each of their seasons.

9. Wash the truffle

Before eating, wash it with cold water and with a brush gently remove all the soil, then dry it between some papers and it's ready to eat!

10. To grate or laminate the truffle?

It can be used grated or sliced over the food indistinctly, but if you decide to grate it, do it with a good grater that does not deteriorate the truffle, and if you decide to slice it, do it very finely, like rolling paper. Very thick slices only look good in photos, but they get in the way when tasting the dish, and don't forget that this is about enjoying!

"There is no truffle that has
exactly the same flavor as another."

Javier Acedo, producer and marketer of truffles.

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